Top 10 things

Ten Things You May Not Know About V-KOOL

1. Was named one of the top 100 inventions of the Millennium by Popular Science Magazine.

2. V-KOOL is the only Infrared Heat Reflecting window film on the market unlike competitor's films,which absorb the heat.

3. VK70 has been on the market since 1991 even though it is known as New Technology. It is on its third generation making sure you have no problems with your film.

4. V-KOOL has been tested and will not interfere with cell phone reception.

5. VK70 lets the visible light spectrum from the sun in while blocking the Infrared and Ultraviolet spectrums. This allows you to conserve more energy by using the natural daylight instead of turning on your lights.

6. Blocks 99% of the Ultraviolet Rays from the sun to protect your home furnishings, artwork and flooring from fading.

7. VK70 is the safest film made for double and triple pane windows due to the extremely low heat absorbtion versus other films. We even warranty your windows for 5 years on stress failure, 3 years for seal failure and lifetime on the film itself.

8. Has no reflective shiny look on the inside or outside.

9. You can clean your windows with normal glass cleaners.

10. Pays for itself in as little as three years even quicker if you take fading of furnishings, flooring, and artwork into consideration.