V-KOOL is Essential for the Marine Industry

Clear Heat Control for Windows. Up until now, window coatings in pilothouses were unheard of due to the reduction in visible light and the increase in reflectivity. V-KOOL is clear, 1% less reflective than clear glass and rejects 55% of solar hear.

Download list of yachts currently using V-KOOL (PDF)

V-KOOL is made up of multiple layers of silver imbedded onto optically clear polyester sheets using a sputtering process. The silver allows visible light to pass through while reflecting 94% of infrared rays. Infrared is the largest component of he at from the sun.


Some of the benefits of V-KOOL:

  • V-KOOL does not distort yo ur view or reduce night vision.
  • Most mid-sized to large yachts have c hilled water loop air conditioning systems. The ability to keep portions, if not he entire yacht cooler greatly decreases the load on chiller as well as extend their life.
  • Because V-KOOL also blocks 99% of harmful ultra-violet rays, it reduces fading and deterioration of interior woodwork, fabrics and electronics as well as protecting your eyes and skin.
  • V-KOOL doesn't change the interior or exterior appearance of the yacht.


V-KOOL has been listed in two issues of Popular Science and was named as one of the top 100 inventions of the millennium. V-KOOL has been manufacturing clear window film for 14 years for commercial and residential applications.

V-KOOL has not only been installed in pilot houses, but throughout the entire yacht as well. Please contact us for a demonstration and estimate.